Dana & Ryan: the 2nd best wedding of the year in Italy!

   The Chianti countryside could be a wonderful scenery for a Summer event:

a wonderful garden for ceremony overlooking the vineyards, a refreshing and happy aperitif in the herb garden and frescoed halls for a party inside the castle .

Wonderful choices for a wonderful couple. Dana and Ryan both come from Canada.

They chose Tuscany for their special day as they both love Italy .

 118-Dana e Ryan-IMG_3855 copia


336-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9966 copia 058-Dana-e-Ryan-wedding-in-Castello-di-Meleto-

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Dana and Ryan chose a simbolic ceremony and they opted for the garden of Villa Casanova.
This garden  is located just 300 mts from the castle on top of a hill in a full natural contexts..

View is simply stunning!

130-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8122 copia 152-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8200 copia237-Dana e Ryan-_D4A8976-Modifica copia

For her bouquet Dana choose a very romantic avalanche sweet roses and a baby breath one for the maid of honour.

 107-Dana e Ryan-_D4A7470 copia000-Dana e Ryan-IMGL4336 copia 259-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9241 copia

Ryan and his bestman were very smart .

023-Dana-e-Ryan-wedding-in-Castello-di-Meleto- 122-Dana e Ryan-IMG_3890 copia 121-Dana e Ryan-IMG_3879 copia

Dana was absolutely enchanting.

She is a blonde beautiful girl and her romantic dress enhanced her innate elegance.

055-Dana e Ryan-_D4A6797 copia

115-Dana e Ryan-_D4A7539 copia 076-Dana e Ryan-_D4A7033 copia
370-Dana e Ryan-_D4A0370 copia

The sound of A Thousand Years accompanied Dana and her dad walking in to the isle.

140-Dana e Ryan-_D4A7691 copia142-Dana e Ryan-IMG_4054 copia 143-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8160 copia146-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8187 copia

Dana and Ryan’s blessing ceremony was performed by Jo Bertolino in a sunny afternoon of the middle of July.
Closest friends and family members came from the other part of the ocean to be in Chianti with Dana and Ryan.

188-Dana e Ryan-_D4A8257 copia 201-Dana e Ryan-IMG_4830 copia 219-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8376 copia 222-Dana e Ryan-IMGL5827 copia210-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8360 copia 171-Dana e Ryan-IMG_4313 copia 197-Dana e Ryan-IMG_4747 copia 049-Dana-e-Ryan-wedding-in-Castello-di-Meleto- 050-Dana-e-Ryan-wedding-in-Castello-di-Meleto- 046-Dana-e-Ryan-wedding-in-Castello-di-Meleto- 044-Dana-e-Ryan-wedding-in-Castello-di-Meleto- 039-Dana-e-Ryan-wedding-in-Castello-di-Meleto-

At the end of the ceremony all guests waited our newlyweds tossing rose petals to wish them good luck as per Italian tradition.

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106-Dana e Ryan-IMG_3770 copia

242-Dana e Ryan-IMG_5273 copia 241-Dana e Ryan-IMG_5275 copia 240-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9048 copia

A delicious aperitif was waiting for all after the service in the herb garden of the castle sorrounded by lavander, sage and rosemary plants.
It was is a very good idea to take some time to relax, mingle with guests and have some stunning photos overlooking the countryside.
All guests had a lovely and happy time enjoying delicious canapés and finger foods provided by Class Ricevimenti cater and sipping Meleto’s wines.

278-Dana e Ryan-IMG_5694 copia

273-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9300 copia 272-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9297 copia281-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9328 copia 271-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9295 copia 345-Dana e Ryan-_D4A0087 copia 330-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9864 copia 328-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9825 copia

Dana is a school teacher and she bring lots of decoration all done by her. You can see some lovely details in these pictures by Andrea Corsi.

268-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8580 copia270-Dana e Ryan-IMGL5923 copia 269-Dana e Ryan-IMGL5920 copia275-Dana e Ryan-IMGL5934 copia 279-Dana e Ryan-IMG_5648 copia

039-Dana e Ryan-IMGL4526 copia 105-Dana e Ryan-IMGL5561 copia
117-Dana e Ryan-_D4A7541 copia

While guest were having few drinks and canape, Dana and Ryan took few minutes for  them picture with the photographers.

307-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9802 copia 306-Dana e Ryan-IMGL6033 copia 305-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9526 copia 309-Dana e Ryan-IMG_5976 copia318-Dana e Ryan-IMG_6065 copia 317-Dana e Ryan-IMG_6023 copia315-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9715 copia313-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9659 copia

After a couple of hours the meal could start in the main garden of the castle.

326-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8611 copia 327-Dana e Ryan-IMGL6200 copia 362-Dana e Ryan-_D4A0293 copia 360-Dana e Ryan-_D4A0247 copia

Each guest had a bottle of olive oil from Castello di Meleto tied with a pink ribbon and a small medals with their names.

325-Dana e Ryan-IMG_6154 copia

The long imperial Table was very romantic and refined.

323-Dana e Ryan-_D8K8610 copia

319-Dana e Ryan-IMG_6139 copia 320-Dana e Ryan-_D4A9814 copia
371-Dana e Ryan-_D4A0385 copia 409-Dana e Ryan-IMG_6615 copia

The party went on until late in the night with lots of dances and fun.

Dancing lights in the frescoed hall of the castle made the atmosphere once again incredibly romantic!

372-Dana e Ryan-_D4A0389 copia

421-Dana e Ryan-IMGL7259 copia 422-Dana e Ryan-IMGL7245 copia 423-Dana e Ryan-_D4A1469 copia 436-Dana e Ryan-_D4A1653 copia 443-Dana e Ryan-IMGL7488 copia 438-Dana e Ryan-IMGL7430 copia 441-Dana e Ryan-_D4A1697 copia 437-Dana e Ryan-_D4A1673 copia

Lastly we are very proud to say that Andrea Corsi won with this wedding

as 2nd best wedding  of the 2014

and he was priced by National Association Wedding Photographers,
the largest association of professionals specialized on wedding photography in Italy



Premiazione ANFM






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