Anna & Fredrik’s wedding : 21st September 2013

When the magical atmosphere of the autumn in the Chianti country side arrives it certainly touches everything it comes into contact with.

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The gorgeous wedding of Fredrik & Anna was subtle, romantic and fresh, almost like a grown-up version of a fairy tale that took place at the Castello di Meleto, Tuscany.

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The soft sunshine, the elegance of Anna and delicate decorative luxuries outlined the theme of the day and gave this celebration a real sense of Tuscan country chic flair.

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The couple booked out the entire venue as they had approximately 60 guests coming from Sweden, Singapore, Germany, Bangladesh and England … over the three days joined to celebrate with the couple as they excitedly said ‘I do’.

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On the days before the wedding they also hosted a wine tasting and welcome dinner in the wine shop of the castle and a dinner in a pizzeria in Siena overlooking Piazza del Campo square.

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Katia, the internal wedding planner of Castello di Meleto help Anna & Fredrik to take care of every single details, from the music, to the flower, to food, etc etc..

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Anna wanted the wedding to reflect their personality as a couple and therefore opted for a chic vintage pink with touches of elegant elements.

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Anna was a dashing vision of elegance with her hair pulled out and glowing visage and her bridesmaids looked dashing in their cute light pink dresses.

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It was certainly an evening to remember and Andrea Corsi, the photographer was there to capture these wonderful memories.

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The ceremony was held the garden of Villa Casanova which provided a stunning view of the Castle.

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The cater was Delizia Ricevimenti: the service was exceptional and food delicious.

The warm weather certainly played along and they had cocktails and canapés in the main garden of the castle.

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The dinner took place in the stemma hall and during the speeches all the guys sing a song for the couple.

So hilarious!!


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The menù was:

Big Raviolo stuffed with ham and beef served on Pecorino and Black Truffle Cream dusted with diced Porcini mushrooms and crispy ham on the top

Champagne Risotto with Parmesan Flag Rear

“Tamburello” Royal Beef Sirloin with reduced of Chianti Classico’s sauce

“Mezzelune” moon shaped slice of potatoe) aromatized with rosemary and sage


The cake cutting took place in the main garden and the couple choose an original cake: it was a lollipop cake.


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Then dancing took place in the castle halls and party went on until late in the night..


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Location: Castello di Meleto

Wedding planner: Katia from Castello di Meleto

Catering: Delizia Ricevimenti

Photographer: Andrea Corsi

Videographer: Leandro Ensoli

Florist: Marie Lou

Dj: Andrea Bellavista





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