Ross and Anna’s wedding in Tuscany: could there be anywhere better?

Ross is a smart guy from  Perth Australia with parents born in Sicily and Anna is a beautiful blue eyes woman from  New Jersey, USA.

They are both now based in Sidney but they met at a wedding in California.

When we ask them “why do you decide to getting married in Tuscany?” they very simply answered “Could there be anywhere better?”

Apart form the romanticism of Tuscany, they also didn’t want to decide to have it in the USA or Australia where one side of the family had to travel and that’s the reason why they decide to do it at half way.

They finally got engaged in 2013 at Castel Monastero in Tuscany and after having been driving for 3 days across Tuscany to inspect properties, they found that  Castello Di Meleto had the best balance of all the factors they were considering – general beauty of grounds and surroundings, vineyard, castle, appropriateness of accommodation options at the one place, proximity to Florence and other places of interest for pre and post wedding sightseeing for guests and professionalism and expertise of accompanying wedding coordinator (Katia)Also as we wanted an outside wedding, the location had great back up options in case of poor weather.

Through their travel company, Ormina Tours, they organised City sightseeing in Florence for our guests and post wedding, we enjoyed a day trip to San Gimignano, Monteriggioni and Siena and finished with some time in Rapallo and Cinque Terre.

When they finally arrived with all the 70 guest in Meleto, they had a guided tour of the castle , wine tasting in the wine shop and it was follow by a rehearsal dinner in the cellar of the Castle and everybody loved that.

Finally the day of the wedding comes and it was a beuatiful day in September with sun shining on the Chianti hills.

Anna chose her sister Mary as Maid on Honor and Ross can’t separate his closest friends so he just had groomsmen.

The ceremony, with Jo Bertolino celebrant, took place outside up on the hill overlooking the castle and when the groom  saw Anna walking into the isle with her dad he tought that she was  his future and she was absolutely beautiful.

After the ceremony , cocktail hour follows in the castle grounds and dinner in the main garden of the castle.

Food was Excellent. They choose Tonino da Cortona catering and it was worth paying the extra for the best.

What do they love most was the fact that they moved through different parts of the property throughout the day and the Imperial table arranged by MarieLou Fiori on the grass was stunning.

After a romantic cake cutting in the herb garden, they had lots of fun in the Stable with Fabio Dex Dj until very late in the night.

Here you can some picture of Fabio Mirulla photographer, how did a fantastic job, they love the photos.

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