Siae – the italian tax for music

What is SIAE?

SIAE is a point of reference for authors and publishers, as well as for those who operate in the entertainment industry. A society (in the language adopted by author’s societies it is often referred to as a “multi-purpose society”) that issues thousands and thousands of licenses for the uses of each work, thus facilitating the payment of royalties by the users and protecting the authors’ works.

Authors, publishers, and other rightholders adhere voluntarily in order to economically protect their works.

Italian law establishes that those who wish to organise shows or entertainments where intellectual  works are exploited (e.g.: music for a party), should ask SIAE for a licence and pay the relative amount;

If organizers ( bride and groom) do not pay the licence, SIAE inspectors will apply onerous penalties as set by the law. The arrival of the Siae Inspectors will undoubtedly cause a big disruption to the ceremony and wedding reception especially if the Siae fees have not been paid beforehand.

Siae has also the duty to check that the performers contributions have been paid.

The authority in charge of receiving performers/artists contributions is ENPALS. Enpals will issue a receipt of said payment that the performers or organisers of the event must show upon request.
The sanctions for not being able to show such certificate are extremely high and will be applied to each of the performers hired for the event.

We can provide to obtain all the official documents you need for your musical event and cost will depends on number of guest, kind of entertainment, dancing or no dancing.

Rougly cost will be from euro 250,00 up to 500,00 euro.


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