primo ballo

Intimate wedding at Castello di Meleto

If a small private wedding is what you are looking for, everyone close to you has to understand your needs and desires.

primo ballo


Without hurting their feelings, there are a few ways to have everyone meet in the middle (depending on what type of family you have).

Have a small private affair to remember!

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Wedding time is normally considered a time of grand celebration, expenses and people.

It is undeniably a couple’s personal decision either to have a grand celebration or a simple private affair with family and close friends.

Your bonding, rituals and feelings are going to be the same with or without countless people.

It is certainly a very wise decision to have a small scale wedding and not many would dare to think on this line.

Here are few ideas to rally round while you arrange a small private wedding in our Castle.



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1) Tell your family and friends you want a small, private wedding and you won’t change your mind.

It’s your wedding and your decision.

Stand politely firm in your decision to have a small private wedding and make it clear that you will not change your plans no matter how much pressure others put on you.





2) Choose Castello di Meleto as wedding location which is appropriate for smaller gatherings.

Castello di Meleto gots a small chapels where you can tell you vows.

It’s also a winery with beautiful view on the vineyards.





3) Design your menu to follow your guests’ preferences.

Large crowds require a menu designed to please most tastes, but when your guests are a small number of well-known family and friends, you can capitalize on this opportunity to serve a menu of their collective favorites.





4) Book an unique room in the castle grounds or an apartment with vineyards view

At Castello di Meleto we can offer romatic rooms with canopy bed in the frescoed halls or small villas with private garden and barbeque overlooking the castle countryside.






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