Lisa and Andrew’s wedding in Siena – 25th May 2015

 Lisa and Andrew are a Scottish couple that decided to celebrate them wedding in our venue and to give them vows in the beautiful town hall of Siena.

They loved the idea of getting married abroad and they both knew that Italy was the obvious choice for them.

They had travelled various places in Italy together with a couple of friends for 2 weeks some years ago and had a fantastic time, and of course where else is there more romantic!

They were initially undecided whether to have our wedding in Tuscany, further north around the Lakes, or further south around the Amalfi Coast.

The others would have been lovely as well but it didn’t take long for them to decide that the beautiful countryside and rustic charm of Tuscany would be the perfect setting for them wedding!

The bride’s das was born in Mauritius (where she has a lot of family!) and moved to Scotland many years ago where he met Lisa’s mum.

The groom’s  family is all Scottish and he grew up in central Scotland, near the city of Stirling.

Here below you can find a little interview about them wedding experience with us.

How and where did you met for the first time?

A – You’ll have to watch my speech back for the full story (as I remember it)! But we met in Glasgow where we both went to university – we were living quite close to each other in student accommodation and met each other through friends.

Where and how did you get engaged?

A – Well we had been together for more than 11 years before I proposed and had already talked about getting married, so I knew I’d have my work cut out to make it a surprise! I planned it to take place on the day of my 30th birthday and secretly took the day off work. Lisa wasn’t working that day anyway, so I left in the morning as usual, but instead of going to work I went to put my plan into place! I left a number of clues and quiz questions which revealed directions and took her on a sort of “treasure hunt” – leading to a spa where I had booked her a massage, and then another where I had booked her a manicure, where she subsequently received the message from the therapist that she should return to the place of her first clue.

While Lisa was away on her treasure hunt, I had gone home to lay out a path of rose petals which led to my laptop and instructions to click to play the video on screen. I had recorded a video of myself singing (badly!) a little light-hearted song I had written which ended by telling her to turn round as I snuck out of the cupboard behind her (yes I was hiding in there for about 10 minutes – very uncomfortable!), down on one knee to complete the proposal. Thankfully after all that she said yes. What a rubbish birthday it would have been if she’d said no!

L – The whole day was a huge surprise and I had no idea what had been planned for me. It was very romantic! Funnily enough, as Andrew was planning his proposal I was also trying to keep secret a surprise Birthday party I had arranged for him the weekend after, though in the end this became a bit of a joingt birthday/engagement party!

Why do you decide to choose Castello di Meleto as your wedding reception?

After a lot of searching online we visited Tuscany for 4 days and arranged to see as many places that we liked the look of as possible. There were so many beautiful venues but Castello di Meleto had been one of our favourites from the beginning. We visited some other places first and started to think that with a couple of options that we really liked, perhaps Castello di Meleto might fall down our list slightly….that was until we visited it to look around and met with Katia!

We fell in love with the place immediately and felt it was everything that we were looking for and more – the castle and all the grounds were so beautiful and there were so many areas which could be used for different parts of the wedding and over the weekend, we loved that Meleto had its own vineyards and made its own wine and that our guests (and us!) could do a wine tasting after a tour of the castle The accommodation was also ideal and of a perfect size for the number of guests we would have. The final detail which made it easy for us to choose Castello di Meleto was how brilliant Katia was with us – getting married abroad could have been very stressful without having a bit of help, and we immediately felt at ease with Katia. She was so calm and enthusiastic and easy to talk to, and none of our questions or ideas or requests were ever too much trouble.

What have you been doing with your guest on the days before your wedding?

About half of our guests arrived 2 days before the wedding and the other half arrived 1 day before. We had arranged for tours of the castle and wine-tasting on both days, and a pizza & pasta party in the Enoteca for the evening before the wedding – it was a perfect way to get the fun started before the official wedding day and catch up with everyone and let some of the guests who didn’t know each other meet and chat over LOTS of excellent food and wine. The day after the wedding we had a BBQ in the afternoon to help the hangovers…accompanied by more wine of course!

In which room have you sleep the night before the wedding?

L – I slept in Castello 5 which is where Andrew and myself were staying, but we wanted to stay apart the night before the wedding so I had 2 of my bridesmaids staying in there with me instead!

A – I slept in the extra bed in Castello 3, where one of my best men and groomsmen were staying.

Where did you get ready?

A – I got ready in the same room, Castello 3, helped by my best men and groomsmen and of course my mum came down to complete my outfit by pinning on my plaid (part of the Scottish kilt outfit which is draped over the shoulder).

L – I got ready in the bridal suite with my mum and the bridesmaids.

How were the groom and groomsmen dressed like?

A – The best men, groomsmen and I were all wearing matching tartan kilt outfits. The main differences were I was also wearing the plaid and an ivory cravat (to match the wedding dress), and the others were wearing lilac cravats.

Where the ceremony took place?

The ceremony took place in the beautiful town hall in Siena. After being dropped off by the bus our guests were lead through the streets of Siena by our good friend Conor who played the bagpipes the whole way, which apparently drew a few interested looks from the locals!

Which is one of the most beautiful memory of the ceremony?

A – I think seeing Lisa walking up the aisle towards me is my favourite memory, but the readings from Jennifer and Mark were also so lovely they had us both trying to hold back a couple of tears.

L – Yeah the readings were so beautiful and really meant a lot to us, and walking down the aisle with my dad towards my husband to be was very special. Just after the ceremony when Andrew and I were getting a few photos a round of applause started and before long it seemed like everyone in the whole piazza was clapping and cheering – it was so LOUD! It felt very surreal and is something we will remember for a long time.

What the groom thought when saw Lisa walking into the isle with her dad?

A – Aw man. I hadn’t really been worried about getting too emotional beforehand, but when the music started and I saw Lisa appear at the end of the aisle with her dad I had a lump in my throat for sure. She looked absolutely stunning and I felt so excited, lucky and proud that I just couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear, my cheeks actually started to hurt!

Which music entertainment have you pick during the ceremony?

L – For during the ceremony and cocktail hour we had a Harp and Flute provided by Firenze Classica, who were brilliant.

A – Lisa walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, and I also managed to request one of my favourites in Ennio Morricone’s theme to Once Upon a Time in America during the signing of the register – perfect!

Where did you arrange cocktail hour?

The cocktail hour was arranged in the area next to the herb garden.

Where have you arranged dinner?

A – The dinner was arranged for in the main garden. As soon as we found Castello di Meleto we loved the idea of having the dinner outside in the garden. On the day of the wedding the weather forecast was for some light rain in the afternoon and so the dinner was almost going to be set up inside instead – the alternative room inside the castle was also so beautiful that this would still have been amazing, but I’m very glad that Lisa took the decision (along with a little bit of help from our fabulous photographer, David Bastianoni!) to keep it outside in the garden and in the end the weather was perfect.

How was the food? Which was your cater?

The catering was provided by Delizia Ricevimenti, and as all of our guests commented to us the food was fantastic! For our wedding cake we chose a traditional Italian millefoglie (which was delicious!) which the chef expertly prepared in front of all the guests. The staff were also excellent and very helpful and efficient, and kept all the wine glasses topped up much quicker than anyone could drink them!

Where have you arranged the party?

The party took place in the stable until 3am.

Who was your dj?

Our dj was the excellent Fabiodex.

Which was the highlight of the event?

Oh Katia come on! Has anyone ever given a proper answer to this?! Haha, it’s impossible! The entire day, and indeed the days before and after the wedding day, were just perfect! It was important to us to have a wedding that was all about fun with everyone able to relax and really enjoy themselves. Well I think we can quite honestly say that we had the absolute time of our lives and there is nothing we can imagine that could have made it any better! The feeling we got from our guests was equally enthusiastic about what a wonderful time they all had, and they were blown away by how amazing a venue Castello di Meleto was. We wish we could do it all over again!


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 Wedding venue:  www.castellomeleto.it

Wedding planner: Katia from Castello di Meleto www.castellomeleto.it

Town hall: Siena 

Hair done: Hair’s di Ursula Spicchiaioli

Wedding transportation for the bride: www.viaggiandocomodi.it

Music arrangments during cocktail hour and ceremony: www.firenzeclassica.com

Dj: www.fabiodex.com

Lights arrangments: www.audiovisual.it

Cater: www.deliziaricevimenti.it

Flowers arrangments: www.marieloufiori.it

Photographer: www.davidbastianoni.com



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